In 1995, Thomas Fuchs founded an institute in Frankfurt dedicated to provide exclusive international internships for students. The novelty of this approach and the unconventional selection process drew significant public attention, leading to a remarkable number of applicants. As a result of selected students expressing a desire for
ongoing and continued interaction, he established the quarterly Saturday brunch called „Quarterly Crossing”. This name became synonymous with the network itself, shaping its unique identity.

Thus, the concept of today’s ubiquitous „networking“ was already alive and thriving long before it became an essential element of a successful career and before the advent of social media platforms like XING, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Throughout this journey, the guiding principle has always been „mutual inspiration – learning from one another and growing together.” 

The gatherings initially occurred quarterly, but soon became more frequent. They began in Munich and then expanded to various cities. Initially focused on students and graduates, they eventually encompassed all levels of seniority, as individuals progressed from students to executives and entrepreneurs. As career advancements brought changing needs and interests among QX members, the network formats evolved accordingly. Continuous feedback and input from QX members have been instrumental in further refining the concept of QX and diversifying our event formats.


Picture  (above): A glimpse into the past… the very first „Quarterly Crossing.“

Since 2002

we have witnessed the emergence of a sustainable sense of community, fostering personal relationships, inspiring friendships, and the evolution of various formats and networking opportunities.


Opening of the „CENTERPLATE Lounge“ in Frankfurt and introduction of the „QX-Seniorities“.


The „QX-LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE“ is taking place for the first time.


Commencement of collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business and internationalization of QX, including the first QX-IX Expedition to Tech and Innovation Hubs – Istanbul


First “MBA World Summit” in Hong Kong


The „QX-Manor,“ sponsored by lifestyle partners, was inaugurated as the central networking hub.


Commencement of the collaboration with Lufthansa Cargo Human Care.


First “Equity Lounge” for Investors and Entrepreneurs


First edition of our Online-Magazine “con brio”


Initiation of the „ICU reverse mentoring Scholarships“ for students and professional leaders


Kick Off of the „QX-City Circles“


Launch of the „QX-Leadership Academy“