Selection Process and Development Center

Executives, emerging leaders, high-potential individuals, and dedicated students with a passion for growth, relationships, and personal development are invited to apply. While academic and professional achievements, including artistic, musical, or athletic excellence, are considered, personality plays a central role. For instance, our emphasis lies on openness, ease of communication, shared laughter – even at oneself – as much as on one’s career trajectory.

Our elaborate selection process ensures that QX continues to benefit from inspiring, high-achieving, open, and strong-willed personalities. We base our evaluations on formal, experiential, and personality-related criteria. Each QX member demonstrates excellence in at least two areas through their accomplishments, experiences, or contributions. This common denominator is one of the guiding principles of our network concept. Another principle is the openness and ease of communication.

Becoming a QX member entails a two-step process:


1. Positive pre-selection based on biography, academic, practical, and other achievements (e.g., artistic, musical, sports, social, etc.).

2. Successful participation in the „QX-Development Center,“ a one-day selection assessment for new members.

Applications (CV and complete transcripts) can be submitted throughout the year as a single PDF file via

The Development Center

The QX-Development Center is our one-day selection assessment for new members of the QX network, held several times per year.

Each Development Center begins with an informal „Serenata“ the evening prior to the actual assessment, where all participants and jurors gather for a relaxed dinner and some wine. The following day, the hand-picked applicants tackle challenges, present their solutions before experienced jurors and face critical questions. They engage in self-assessment, reflect on key elements of their personality, and are confronted with feedback from jurors and peers. Throughout the process, we value open and candid communication and, of course, shared laughter. Authenticity, charisma, strong communication skills, and individual, unique qualities are what distinguishes QX members from others, and these are what we seek in the 10 to 15 invited participants during each DC. 

Based on observations and insights, the jury creates a sketch of each participant’s leadership potential, alongside with their values, expectations, interests, and needs. The aim is to accurately forecast their future performance as entrepreneurs or top-level managers. These impressions are extensively discussed during personalized feedback sessions, providing individuals with self-awareness and development scenarios, including medium- to long-term strategies for professional and personal growth.

Building upon this foundation for almost 30 years, we have been offering recommendations to our clients from consulting, industrial, financial, technology, and startup companies regarding crucial appointments, promotions, and developmental needs.

Dates of the upcoming Development Centers:

December 12th, 2023


January 30th, 2024


Febuary 27th, 2024


March 19th, 2024


April 16th, 2024


May 28th, 2024