The QX-Manor

The QX-Manor is an exceptional venue designed to captivate guests. Whether for board meetings, release parties, intimate concerts, or any other purpose, the doors of the QX-Manor are open to our members.

Functioning as a cornerstone of our network, the QX-Manor serves as a space for stimulating exchanges and lively gatherings. Despite its proximity to Frankfurt’s major transportation hubs (just a 10 minutes drive from both the airport and the main train station), the QX-Manor is nestled amidst liberating and tranquil nature. With a lake that is just a short stroll away and direct access to the vast 3,000-hectare Lerchesberger Forest and its numerous walking paths, it provides an ideal environment for inspiration and creativity. Expansive windows and meticulous attention to interior design carry this ambiance into the Manor as well.

Lifestyle Partners of the QX-Manor